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Hannah & Mark, Stanlake Park Wedding, Berkshire

Updated: May 27, 2022

Hannah & Mark’s late summer Stanlake Park wedding was a real cracker.

I was lucky enough to have photographed the wedding of Hannah’s sister Katie a few years back, so found myself on familiar ground for the preparations, where I again enjoyed a warm welcome at the family home.

I took a brief break from the bridal preparations to join the boys who were enjoying a drink by the Thames only a few minutes down the road.

As the bridal departure drew near, an image of Katie, with Hannah tending to her last minute preparations came back to mind and we re-created it, this time with the roles reversed. I think it turned out pretty well…

As before, the bride was not only walked down the aisle by her father, but also driven to the church by him in his treasured Morgan. Another reason to be thankfully for the fine weather on the day. Mark drove the couple away after the ceremony and a confetti line and we would join the couple at Stanlake Park.

It’s great discovering new venues and the vineyards at Stanlake Park gave the place the feeling of being in Tuscany. This became even more the case when the sun stayed around to bathe the venue in a golden glow that’s a joy to work with. It was a real pleasure to photograph Hannah & Mark around the grounds where there were plenty of interesting backdrops and light to play with.

Just to top off a perfect day, there was a very tasty range of ice cream from the lovely and wonderfully named Plum Honeychurch and stonebaked pizza as night fell. Truly a wonderful ending to a glorious late summer wedding!

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