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Harriet & Louis Wedding Oxfordshire

Updated: May 27, 2022

Alanis Morrisette once sang about the irony of "ra-ee-ain on your wedding day". As we got towards the end of Harriet's preparations, it became increasingly likely that we would find out just how ironic it really is.

I had an umbrella with me, but not one that was big enough to cover me, my telephoto lens at the front and rucksack to the rear. Luckily, a kindly guest gave me a golf umbrella on my arrival at the venue. After ten minutes of trying to manage manual logistics of camera equipment and the umbrella, I secured it with the help of my rucksack straps [Top tip for any photographers finding themselves in a similar predicament!].

Despite the obvious challenges of torrential rain for the duration of the ceremony, I got to end of it and was less than convinced by Alanis' view. There were some really fun images. everyone dried out soon after and the ceremony itself was so full of meaning that I'm not sure anyone worried too much about it anyway.

Philberds Manor isn't a commercial wedding venue but might as well be as it's absolutely perfect with plenty of space inside and out and boundless charm.

Thank you, Harriet and Louis for being utterly wonderful in every way x

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